Montana Dance & Art Centre,Penang,
Montana Dance Academy,Butterworth

Dance Classes for Children Age 4-12 at our dance centre in Penang.

Montana Dance & Art Centre in Penang currently have few types of dances that are popular among children 4-12 years old. These dances are :
Kids Salsa - Designed for school-aged children, Salsa dance for kids gets little ones playing games and dancing along to our unique Salsa beat. 

Featuring original songs by renowned Latin songs, kids experiment with tempo and rhythm, learn the basic steps to popular Latin dances and have fun using their imagination.  Knowledge of different cultures and genres of 

music is explored and an introduction to Spanish vocabulary is encouraged through song, dance and celebration!

Kids Salsa Travelling Turn Practice Group A July 2014 

Kids Salsa Dance Practice in Butterworth

Kids Hip Hop Practice in Penang  March 2015

Kids K-pop June 2014

Zumbatomic Practice - Feb 2014

Kids Salsa Practice (5 years old kids)

Hip Hop for Teenager

Kids Kpop Practice Dec 2013 

Kids Salsa Practice L1 Oct 2013

Kids Kpop Performance - October 2013

Zumbatomic in August 2013

Kpop for Teens Oct 2013

Kids Salsa Class Sept 2013

Kids Kpop Dance Practice in Penang Studio by Group A Salsa Kids-July 2013.

Kids Kpop Dance Practice in Penang Studio-June 2013

Kids Kpop Dance Practice in Penang Studio-May 2013

Kids Zumba on Sunday! First practice for July performance.

The video below is the one of our Zumbatomic class on Sun afternoon. Kids are learning some basic moves to a song.

Kids Salsa are taught in the class of 'Kids Salsa and Hip Hop' and 'Kids Salsa & Zumba'. They learn to rock for hits song and dance to the Latin beat at the same time. Below is the dance practice video of Kids Salsa on Sun afternoon. New class is on Friday 9pm. Contact us for intake. 

Kids Tango 

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