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About the Dance School

We are the 1st and largest Salsa & Bachata dance school in Penang that was established in 2004. Our instructors have 8-15 years teaching experiences. Our principal from Australia conducts workshop and class in Penang twice a year.

We also offer dance courses in other Latin dancing such as Argentine Tango, Zouk, Ballroom dance. Fitness dance such as Zumba, Kpop and  sexy dance, is one of students' favorite choice as well. 

We have monthly social dance party for students and friends to practice, socialize and mingle around with dancers while enjoying drinks.

About Kids Development Programme

Salsa Kids 
Latin Groove for Kids on the Move! For the first time, we bring kids Salsa Dance Class to Penang!

Ages 4 - 12 years

Designed for school-aged children, Salsa Dance for Kids gets little ones dancing along to unique Salsa Beat. 

Featuring original songs by renowned Latin songs, kids experiment with tempo and rhythm, learn the basic steps to popular Latin dances and have fun using their imagination.

Featuring original music by renowned Latin artist, Salsa Kids combines movement and play with lively rhythms that kids enjoy!


  • In Salsa Kids we continue to integrate Latin dance steps. Children will learn the basics of Salsa & Bachata. This is great for first time participants and those who have learn other dances and wish to continue their dance experience.
Spice it up!
Zumba For Kids!

Did you know that Zumba Fitness Program has a workout programs for kids? ZumbAtomic is for kids fro 4 years old to 12 years old. Your kids will have a blast while get in fit. The obesity in children is growing every day more and more. That is because of the poor physical activity they are having today. Exercise is beneficial for kids in some many ways! In this article you will find just a few of many important reasons we should promote physical activity in our children. I also talk about this great workout program for kids.

Why Kids Zumba ?
Parents and children love ZumbAtomic. It is a workout program full of energy specially made for the little ones of the house. This program, like the Zumba Workout Program for adults, combine the hottest dance moves and has super catchy rhythms. The kids just love the music. You can find rhythms such as hip hop, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia and more. If you haven't try Zumba yet I encourage you to do it, this workout program is addictive.

Zumba Fitness is one of the most fast growing workout trend at this moment. Thousands of people around the world are having fun and sculpting their bodies with this innovate program, so now is the kids turn. The ZumbAtomic program is only given by Zumba licensed instructors, so you know your kids are in hands of a licensed professional. 

Benefits Of An Exercise Program For Kids
1. Helps maintain a healthy weight.
2. Regulates blood pressure.
3. Speeds up metabolism and gives energy.
4. Reduce kids chances of getting cancer.
5. Enhances self-esteem.
6. Reduce depression and anxiety.
7. Keeps the kids occupied and away from drugs.
8. Promotes a focus on studies.
9. Reduces aggression in children.
10. Reduces risk of contracting any type of arthritis.

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